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What would Newton think of the iPad?

  With this glowing tablet I can send a message anywhere in the world at nearly the speed of a corpuscle of light? I must immediately establish the precedence of the method of fluxions with my rival Dr Leibniz. And so he would begin to draft his letter. But what was scientific communication like in 1716?

Understanding reference vs. value types in Objective-C and Swift

To cross the divide from Objective-C to Swift, you’ll need a rock-solid understanding of the differences in how these two languages distinguish between reference types and value types. As you continue on your quest to become a master of Swift, here are some detailed definitions, hints and examples to help you along!

New to Swift? Here’s what Objective-C devs need to know!

When Swift was first released, as Objective-C developers, we knew that we’d eventually need to cuddle up to this new language and embrace it wholeheartedly. Now, having done that ourselves, we bring you tips in 8 essential areas to help you confidently call out “Big Spoon!” when you nestle in with this hot new language!

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