Virtual Reality with iOS SceneKit and Google Cardboard

As an iOS developer, my wishlist for creating a Virtual Reality App would be: no special hardware required, just an iPhone easily implemented mechanics no complicated module dependencies high level API for manipulating the VR scene Alas, Apple doesn’t seem to be doing anything with VR. They don’t have any VR products or announcements. Or has Apple quietly built an […]

Design as Choice Architecture

This guest blog post was written by behavioral economics expert and R&P consultant, Paul Sas, and originally published at As software continues to nibble through every human sphere, there’s one constraint that won’t change: the human mind. This is the first in a series of posts to introduce relevant psychological concepts that designers must learn to […]

The Friday 5: Edition 8

Your weekly Friday 5 is ready, and this week we’re chatting about everything from analytics to industry events to insight from Albert Einstein.

The Friday 5: The R&P Story Edition

This Friday 5 is all about the Robots and Pencils story, highlighting how the business philosophy and guiding principles set by our co-founders Michael and Camille Sikorsky have helped us grow into a successful business with offices around the world.

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