4 things you didn’t realize were hurting your app performance

Written by Andrew Erickson iOS Robot at Robots and Pencils   What makes an app successful? A well-designed user interface? The offer of some unique utility? Or maybe the app has a viral component so that your app is shared among friends and colleagues. These important factors can help your app gain a strong user base, […]

5 tips for getting organizational buy-in on your mobile strategy

Today, 80% of mobile phones in use are smartphones, and 51% of all time spent online by the average adult is via a mobile device. With these numbers, it’s easy to see why organizations are turning their full attention to enterprise mobility and mobile strategies to reach their employees and their customers.

How to get started with Espresso

by Uche Okeke, Android Developer at Robots and Pencils Dealing with the diversity of Android devices in the wild can be difficult, to put it mildly. At Robots and Pencils, our favorite way to test for user interface (UI) discrepancies between devices is to write tests using Espresso. Espresso is an Android testing library that provides […]

Where you can find Robots and Pencils this May

This May, you can catch our tech experts in-person in Austin, Texas and Calgary, Alberta  sharing valuable business and technology insights and leading discussions on the future of our evolving field. For those of you who can’t make either (or who just can’t get enough of our robots and pencils), we’ve got a webinar coming […]

Beep Boop roundup: 3 announcements you might have missed

Launched publicly this January, Beep Boop is a ridiculously simple bot hosting platform created by the Robots and Pencils team. Since its beta launch, Beep Boop has undergone some huge (and exciting!) changes. We hope you’ve been following along–or maybe you’ve already used Beep Boop to launch some amazing bots. If not, here are 3 […]

Swift Swizzling WKWebView

It’s truly amazing what can be done with WKWebView. For instance, a contentEditable <div> is essentially Microsoft Word, but without the macro viruses. (OK, that’s not fair, but it provides a surprisingly capable editor out of the box.)

5 key takeaways from the 2016 ASU GSV Summit

Written by Ryan Gialames Director of Product Design at Robots and Pencils   This year, the ASU GSV Summit changed venues from arid Arizona to sunny, breezy San Diego, where educators, investors and edtech companies–large and small–converged to discuss, pitch and sell the future of learning.

Getting started with Blender, a 3D creation suite

Written by Les Friesen Android Developer at Robots and Pencils   Because of the creative nature of many of the projects we work on at Robots and Pencils, I find myself gravitating back to my childhood dream of making a science fiction movie.

You’re invited: An industry briefing on the bot revolution

Mark Zuckerberg has said, ‘Bots are going to kill apps’, Slack has a 3.3B dollar valuation, and Microsoft just released its new Bot Framework. Ready or not, the bots are coming. To help you prepare, Robots and Pencils is hosting a one-hour industry briefing on the bot and conversational UX revolution on May 19 at 11am PT (2pm ET). 

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