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Personalized Learner Journeys

In a sea of deadlines, disconnected technology and resources, and a never ending flow of information, students feel lost and overwhelmed. Student Apps deliver clarity, giving each learner individualized guidance, resources, and support right when it’s needed on mobile, web, and Slack. Leveraging Salesforce along with your LMS, SIS, and other systems, we empower learners to take the next best action and the next, providing a streamlined, unified experience across the lifecycle to improve retention and success.

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Meet learners where they are

Allow students to move seamlessly between mobile, web, and Slack — accessing information exactly where and when they need it.

Meet Learners

Help learners plan and prioritize with daily overviews and personalized to-do lists

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Show clear next steps for success

Eliminate confusion about what’s needed when and provide direct access to courses and coursework.

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Create community and connection

Leverage the power of Slack to onboard students, deliver support, automate reminders and announcements, facilitate student community, and so much more.


Apply the power of Salesforce across the lifecycle

Get more out of the tools you already have by consolidating data from across your systems into Salesforce, eliminating the silos that impede your ability to support students. The Salesforce backend offers:

  • Ready-to-use tools that increase staff efficiency and impact
  • Holistic 360 views of learner activities, risk factors, and opportunities
  • Fine-grained data, reporting, and insights for continual improvement
  • Built-in flexibility that helps you accelerate innovation and growth
Salesforce Integration

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