Robots & Pencils CEO Tracey Zimmerman Shares Career Insights on Podcast Episode

Focus on Talent Podcast Interviews President & CEO Tracey Zimmerman

Tracey Zimmerman, President & CEO, Robots & Pencils
Tracey Zimmerman, President & CEO, Robots & Pencils

The December episode of the Bells Falls Search Focus on Talent podcast featured a conversation with Tracey Zimmerman, President and CEO at Robots & Pencils.

In this episode, Zimmerman discusses her winding career path, underlaid by an interest in technology and helping others. The journey includes nursing classes, teaching herself to code, and working in education before becoming CEO at Robots & Pencils. For those unfamiliar with the digital transformation firm, Zimmerman introduces its basis in blending the sciences and the humanities.

Reflecting on her professional growth, Zimmerman discusses how persistence, curiosity, and mentorship has helped her achieve success. Additionally, she shares how she strives to always offer value to others before asking anything from them. For job seekers and current professionals, Tracey also advises understanding and focusing on how your role impacts the company’s strategic goals and overall performance.

Zimmerman was interviewed by Ron Laneve. Laneve is the founder and managing partner of the Bell Falls Search recruiting agency.

Catch the full episode here!