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We get tech. It’s the world we’ve been immersed in since our founding in 2009, where we not only support clients but also develop our own products like Missions, a Slack workflow builder tool acquired in 2018. Most recently, we’ve built an AI powered Q&A engine that gets users the info they need to do their jobs, fast, and our latest FunLabs experiment, arfiti, leverages ARKit to let users explore and add to a completely unexpected world.

Whether we’re working on our own ideas or helping build yours, we know how to think and move fast, how to roll with the punches to come out on top and how to design and deliver products users love. Newly funded startup or established company, either way, our team is ready to help you grow, innovate and stand out from the competition.

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  • The Missions team has built on Slack for a long time, and they are deeply familiar with our product and our customers’ needs. Together, we’ll be able to unlock the power of the platform for a whole new set of Slack users, and ultimately help teams get work done more quickly.

    Brian Elliott

    General Manager, Slack Platform
  • R&P was a trusted partner in figuring out how to integrate WeTransfer across multiple platforms to increase our user engagement and product exposure.

    Travis Brown

    VP, Branded Partnerships & Ad Tech, WeTransfer
  • Robots & Pencils has been a partner since I have been wandering around selling a PowerPoint slide. They have backed us, kicked us in the arse when we needed it and delivered us a flawless product. Truly a partner in every sense of the word.

    Eric Wilson

    CEO, Xinja


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Principal Robot
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Director of Managed Services
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