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From creating one of the first iPad apps in 2010 to pioneering work with machine learning and generative AI, our clients trust us to keep them ahead of technology trends while delivering solutions that meet business and customer needs. Working in cross-disciplinary teams, we combine expertise in the fast-moving AI landscape with proven, outcome-driven methods for ideation, risk mitigation, and product development. Together, our talent applies a human-first approach to creating intelligent products and experiences that unlock strategic insights and fuel organizational efficiency, creativity, and growth.

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Our Approach

AI strategy and planning

Generating business impact starts with aligning stakeholders around your top AI use case or product opportunity. Leveraging knowledge of your target audience, market, tech stack, and risks along with our deep technical expertise, we’ll help you establish a clear product vision with defined goals and success criteria. We’ll also equip you with a plan for rapidly de-risking your efforts and accelerating the return on your investment.

Risk and solution exploration

By exploring and addressing risks early, you’ll pave the way for a smooth road ahead. To set you up for success, we’ll identify all front- and back-end needs, from the UI framework and platform to the technologies, integrations, data sources, machine learning models, and custom training your solution will require. We’ll de-risk issues through tech spikes as we go and use prompt engineering for LLMs to achieve your desired conversational flow. 

Prototyping and development

Bring your ideas to life with a functional AI-powered prototype. Our data scientists, engineers, and experience designers will collaborate to develop a proof of concept, integrating your data, key technology systems, and front-end UI features. We’ll test, measure, and iterate to improve usability, output quality, and consistency, refining your solution for maximum impact.

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By the Numbers

8 weeks

Guiding you from strategy definition to functional AI prototype in as little as 8 weeks


Leveraging AI, ML, and NLP in our work for 7 years and counting


Building cutting-edge digital products since our founding over 13 years ago

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Case Study: Newt

A smart Q&A engine

With today’s ever-growing web of dispersed information and systems, providing fast, expert support to customers or employees across platforms is a challenge. Newt leverages AI and machine learning to enable real-time automated Q&A within Slack, MS Teams, and web applications, drawing on information from your shared files, Google Docs, SharePoint, and 3rd party services. Newt lets users ask questions in natural language and then rapidly searches all sources to return accurate, useful answers.

Real-time Q&A with natural language processing and machine learning

Accelerates support services, onboarding, and employee productivity

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