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Robots & Pencils has designed and developed scalable, innovative Salesforce solutions for organizations across industries, and we’re ready to help you do the same. Collaborating with our top-drawer web, mobile, design and UX talent, our elite team of Salesforce experts is equipped to create breakthrough products that are technically sound, beautifully designed and integrated flawlessly with your everyday workflows—all while delivering big business impact.

The University of Texas Austin

Powering support services and business insights

This robust Salesforce CRM implementation manages support issues, leads and more for the Texas Extended Campus program at UT Austin. A Mulesoft integration synchronizes data between legacy databases and the Salesforce EDA data model. With data seamlessly shared between teams, the system connects marketing and enrollment data to generate insightful metrics for UT. Additionally, a new Marketo integration helps UT align with GDPR and introduces powerful preference management options. Looking forward, this new flexible framework will make developing future integrations faster and easier.

New CRM solution and legacy system optimizations

Framework primes UT Austin for all future integration needs


Simplifying staff and student financial processes

R&P worked closely with Trilogy’s CTO, CFO and PMO to eliminate inefficiencies and improve tracking on their Order to Cash processes, saving significant time at month end. Salesforce customizations and integrations built by R&P now enable staff to quickly create student financial plans and share them with students for review and approval. In their new payment portal, students can easily view invoices and make payments. R&P also consulted on organizational structure and process, helping Trilogy introduce a new Agile framework, get the right people in the right seats for success, and ensure a smooth product rollout.

Trusted partner across teams and departments

Helped prepare Trilogy for successful acquisition by 2U

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Our Approach

Consulting to custom development

Our team does it all. From traditional Salesforce consulting and system integrations, to building custom solutions for your company and even creating innovative products of our own, we have the Salesforce skills and experience to deliver the services and solutions you need.

Creating what’s next with Salesforce

From machine learning, blockchain, Slack apps and backend systems to visual design and user experience, Salesforce is not the only area where our talent is world class. With deep expertise across disciplines and a culture built on collaboration, we’re the perfect partner for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Salesforce.

Higher ed Salesforce solutions

A Registered Higher Ed Partner, R&P has a proven track record of helping top-tier schools and education service providers with robust Salesforce solutions. Many team members also have worked extensively in higher ed, informing the innovative products and integrations we build and how we utilize tools like the Salesforce Education Data Architecture to support students and staff alike.


Speeding up CPQ workflows to benefit clients and staff

The Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) instance used by Sprinklr to provide quotes for their software and services had grown increasingly complex over time. This complicated their sales processes and put their team at risk of producing incorrect quotes and order forms. R&P worked with Sprinklr to first analyze, then simplify and streamline their CPQ workflows. This work ensured the accuracy of their CPQ calculations and brought clarity to the displayed discounts and pricing. Changes were also made to completely auto-populate order forms, including for complex multi-year deals. Now, Sprinklr can produce quotes faster, providing a better experience for their staff and clients.

Fast and accurate quote and order form creation

Easy-to-understand views of discounts and payment plans

By the Numbers

100+ Salesforce trainings and presentations led by our team members

27 certifications held by our Salesforce Practice Lead, one of the most certified Salesforce professionals in the world

9 years of Salesforce experience held by the average Salesforce team member at R&P

Level Capital

Simplifying loan management with Salesforce

A private portfolio lender for builders and real estate investors. Level Capital turned to R&P for help designing and configuring a secure, scalable system for loan management. Our Salesforce solution allows Level Capital to more efficiently manage and report on loan applications, credit approvals, budgets and other important information. The work has also set the stage for future Salesforce enhancements, including community portals that will provide an elevated user experience for clients and partners and drive increased business opportunities for Level Capital.

Scalable systems with third party integrations and custom Salesforce code

Secure, efficient service for Level Capital customers and lenders

Platform Leads

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Salesforce Practice Lead
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