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Salesforce CPQ Services

Human Need

Sprinklr, a customer experience management (CXM) software provider, relies on the Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) platform in their daily sales operations. Over time, Sprinklr’s CPQ instance had grown increasingly complex, complicating the pricing, quoting and approval processes for their software and services. This setup put the sales team at risk of generating incorrect quotes and order forms. Manually fixing CPQ inaccuracies was also requiring extra time and effort of Sprinklr employees. Together, these issues were decreasing organizational confidence in Salesforce data as well as limiting future technical enhancements.

Mapping of the Salesforce user experience, done as part of our Salesforce CPQ services

Digital Solution

After meeting with key stakeholders on-site to analyze Sprinklr’s existing tools, workflows and requirements, Robots & Pencils began to simplify and eliminate unnecessary CPQ fields, customizations and workarounds to ensure the veracity of each quote calculation. Additional CPQ changes brought clarity and accuracy to the displayed discounts and pricing. All information needed by the sales team and clients also now auto-populates in the order forms, including details on complex multi-year deals.

Today, Sprinklr can fully utilize and trust their Salesforce CPQ functionality. As a result of our Salesforce CPQ services, their sales team can produce quotes faster, providing a better experience for both staff and clients.

A Far Better Way

Faster order form creation with more useful views and automation

Accurate CPQ calculations, with clearly displayed discounts

Easy-to-understand multi-year deal prices and payment schedules