The simplest way to share files in Slack and around the web




Slack and web file sharing tools

Human Need

Bringing a big idea to fruition usually requires sending big files to your peers and colleagues around the world. Sharing these files with the people who need them should be easy, wherever you are, in all of your favorites apps and browsers.

Digital Solution

Utilizing WeTransfer’s latest file sharing API and the Slack platform, Robots & Pencils built the WeTransfer Slack directory app that allows users to create a link for any file or group of files they upload into Slack. Users can then easily share their files by sharing their custom link in Slack, email or any other workspace.

In addition, Robots & Pencils developed WeTransfer’s Chrome and Firefox web extensions, so that users could drag, drop and share files up to 2GB straight from their browser.

A Far Better Way

3 new ways for WeTransfer users to share their files

63,000+ people benefitting from the WeTransfer web extensions

12 million daily Slack users who can now use WeTransfer to share files in Slack