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LaunchDarkly Slack app on computer and phone




iOS Swift SDK and Slack integration

Human Need

Teams are increasingly under pressure to iterate faster and release features more often. To reduce the risk of errors when moving at such a breakneck pace, software teams need tools that offer granular feature control and help them collaborate more effectively on software releases.

Assorted LaunchDarkly Slack app screens

Digital Solution

The feature management platform LaunchDarkly serves 200+ billion feature flags daily, empowering software teams to work together to build better software, faster. With feature flagging, new or risky sections of code or infrastructure changes are wrapped with a flag that can easily be turned off and on independent of code deployment.

From building LaunchDarkly’s iOS Swift SDK to optimizing their cross-mobile native platform, Robots & Pencils has helped LaunchDarkly expand and improve their services in numerous ways. Most recently, Robots & Pencils built a LaunchDarkly Slack app, which provides a simple way for users to track and manage their feature flags directly within Slack.

A Far Better Way

200+ billion feature flags served daily, which users can now monitor in Slack

900+ companies equipped to deploy changes faster with fewer quality concerns

Users can turn off any feature or code path within 200 milliseconds