Simplifying loan management with Salesforce


Level Capital


Document Reporting

Human Need

A private portfolio lender, Level Capital provides financing to builders and investors for single family homes, townhomes and small multi-family projects. To support their ongoing growth, Level Capital turned to Robots & Pencils for assistance in creating an improved loan management system.

Digital Solution

R&P designed and configured a robust, scalable and secure solution using Salesforce, allowing Level Capital to more efficiently manage and report on loan applications, credit approvals, budgets and other important data and documents.

This initial work has set the stage for future Salesforce platform enhancements, including community portals that will provide an elevated user experience for clients and partners and help Level Capital to drive increased engagement and additional business opportunities.

A Far Better Way

Scalable loan management system with increased data security

Enables efficient service for Level Capital customers and lenders

Integrates third party tools and custom Salesforce code

Case Studies

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