Discovering what it takes to feed the world

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Educational farm game

Human Need

By 2050, the world will need to feed nearly 10 billion people. Working with Nutrien, the world’s largest fertilizer enterprise, Robots & Pencils set out to build a game that would educate players on what it will take to support our growing population.

Assorted screens from the Farmers 2050 game

Digital Solution

In Farmers 2050, players create and run sustainable farms. They plant and tend crops, raise animals, and craft goods to sell in their local community while managing mortgage payments, droughts, and ongoing farm chores. With hundreds of thousands of users, Farmers 2050 is teaching players everywhere what it means to manage a farm following environmental, economic, and social sustainability best practices.

A version of the game called Journey 2050 is also available to help educators teach students about the future of agriculture and the challenges facing this vital industry. In Journey 2050, players manage multiple farms rather just one. Real farm families in Kenya, India, Canada, and the United States guide players through the experience. Journey 2050 is used by educators for grades 7 through 12 across the United States and Canada.

A Far Better Way

100K+ installs of Farmers 2050

4.5 star rating for Farmers 2050 on the App Store

7+ years of partnership between Nutrien and R&P