Career exploration through game-play


Texas OnCourse


Gamified learning platform for students

Human Need

When it comes to career options, most middle school students have no idea what’s really there. In Texas, educational leaders and advocates are working to change this. They are introducing students to a wider variety of careers earlier in their education, so that they have clear goals to work towards and can begin to make decisions about their future studies.

Assorted Middle Galaxy screens on iPads

Digital Solution

Robots & Pencils worked with the University of Texas Austin, MIT and the Institute for Applied Neuroscience to create, design, and build MiddleGalaxy, a classroom tool that helps Texas middle school students select a focused area of study for high school. To inform that choice, students explore a diverse range of career possibilities, and the underlying knowledge and skills required for those professions, through play-based learning in a space-themed game.

As students consider which career opportunities map to their interests, educators also gain insights into student aspirations through real time data.

A Far Better Way

Positions career exploration as an engaging adventure for thousands of students across the state of Texas

Helps students build problem solving skills in the areas of Math & Science, Technology & Engineering, Trade & Craftsmanship, Arts & Humanities, and Social & Leadership

Built for desktop, iOS and Android so it can be used in the classroom, on the go, or at home with mom or dad