How Salesforce Automation Changed Sprinklr’s Way of Doing Things

As businesses grow, it’s common to face new challenges and experience a need for doing things a new way. At Robots & Pencils, we usually step in when a company is experiencing growing pains and create digital solutions to accelerate our clients’ processes. We also love sharing what we learn along the way, which has inspired this post.

It’s no secret that the overwhelming majority of companies use Salesforce not only to aid in their sales process and for CRM, but many are using the platform to run many or all of their critical business processes post-sales. We have worked with many clients to first identify the most impactful opportunities, and then to design, configure and customize Salesforce and other systems as needed to drive business impact while also improving visibility to data and drive actionable insights. Sprinklr is one of the great companies who trusted us with optimizing their Salesforce implementation, and the results were astounding.

Meet Sprinklr

Sprinklr is the most comprehensive platform on the market when it comes to CXM (customer experience management).

Thousands of the world’s largest enterprises use Sprinklr every day to engage consumers online. The ability to leverage insights leads to better collaboration within organizations, creates a unified view of customers and ultimately creates better experiences for consumers.

Sprinklr mixes modernity into all of their offerings and has a great blog where you can glean strategies to apply to your business.

A Complicated CPQ

Sprinklr relies on Salesforce’s CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) platform. However, as Sprinklr grew, the CPQ instance became increasingly complicated and was affecting their workflow. The setup was putting the sales team at risk for generating improper quotes.

The Sprinklr team was manually fixing CPQ inaccuracies which was time consuming and frustrating. They wanted to be able to rely on Salesforce for their workflow. These hangups became problematic in many ways including how to make future technical enhancements.

Sprinklr needed a new way of doing things.

The Far Better Way

Robots & Pencils met with Sprinklr to first understand their existing tools, processes, and requirements. After analyzing their existing Salesforce implementation, we began to simplify and eliminate unnecessary CPQ fields and customizations. Our work ensured that all of the information needed by the sales team and clients would be automatically populated on Sprinklr’s order forms. R&PWe also made changes to Sprinkr’s CPQ instance to ensure accurate pricing and discount calculations.

With more efficiency and accuracy, the Sprinklr team is now able to provide more accuracy when it comes to quotes. Their team is able to fully rely on Salesforce’s CPQ platform again.

The Robots & Pencils team created a workflow for Sprinklr that embraces:

  • Faster order form creation
  • More useful views and automation
  • Accurate CPQ calculations
  • Prominently displayed customer discounts
  • Easy to understand multi-year deal prices
  • Clearly shown payment schedules

Key Takeaways

Here at Robots & Pencils, we work a lot with what we call “the frustrated innovator.” We help our clients’ brands implement digital transformation strategies so they have that companies have a far better way of doing things. Our work with Sprinklr using Salesforce is just one example of the solutions we can implement work we do. We pride ourselves in delivering technology that delivers a competitive advantage for all of our clients.

The biggest takeaway from this example is that companies who have a solution implemented but aren’t getting the impact expected or are still using a lot of manual workarounds don’t have to settle for complicated workflows. There are experts out there who can help with user-centered design, technology and business process improvementes like Robots & Pencils to unlock the business value technology can have when done well whether it’s us or another digital agency.