With AR graffiti, the world is your canvas

App screens with user placing AR graffiti




App for AR graffiti

Human Need

Inspired by the untapped potential of augmented reality (AR), Robots & Pencils set out to explore how AR technology could empower users to express their creativity as they move through their daily lives.

arfiti app screens
example of AR graffiti stickers, including a heart, arrow, and a 3D box

Digital Solution

Developed by R&P as part of FunLabs, arfiti is a new Augmented Reality iOS app that blurs the lines between our digital and physical worlds. Now is your chance to become an AR graffiti artist! Users can digitally tag any surface — be it a wall, building or monument — with their personal images or pre-populated stickers and save it for others to discover.

A Far Better Way

3D box AR graffiti sticker

Create: Add photos and stickers to your environment for others to find

3D arrow AR graffiti stick

Discover: Check the map for other arfiti creations nearby

AR graffiti coin

Socialize: Give cred to creators when you find something you like