Reducing customer anxiety and guilt around finances




Mobile platform for digital banking

Human Need

For your average person, the path to defining—let alone reaching—financial success is far from clear. Often, finances are deeply connected to emotions like fear, shame, anxiety and guilt.

Digital Solution

Xinja, an Australian digital bank startup, teamed up with Robots & Pencils to carry out the vision of an all-digital bank that would improve the financial lives of all Australians. Drawing on the science of behavioral economics, R&P has designed mobile interactions to reduce the negative feelings around finances and instead generate feelings of hope, mastery, control and wellness. Together, we’re making it quick, easy and fun for Xinja users to track their spending, save for what they want and manage their money to get ahead.

A Far Better Way

100% digital banking that makes spend tracking and saving money fun

Built with customers’ interests first utilizing an active user community

Mobile-first designs using AI to power insights and recommendations

Case Studies

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