Intelligent, mobile-only banking platform




Mobile banking platform

Human Need

For a long time, a disconnect has existed between what customers want and what traditional banks offer. Many customers were searching for banking products without fees that could help solve their everyday financial problems, but instead only finding expensive, complicated products and policies.

Digital Solution

Varo is breaking down the walls of the brick-and-mortar establishment with disruptive conversational interfaces and data-driven insights. From strategy and user research through to design and development, Robots & Pencils has helped create Varo: a personalized, mobile-only bank offering customers proactive feedback, non-predatory lending products, personal finance analysis and real-time budgeting advice.

A Far Better Way

Over 1 million customers and growing

22,000+ 5-star reviews on App Store and Google Play™

$0 fee-free mobile banking and saving

Case Studies

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