How a Customized Platform Built on Salesforce Made a World of Difference For This Financial Institution

A private portfolio lender, Level Capital needed to create an improved loan management system to support ongoing nationwide growth. The answer to their pain points came in the form of Robots & Pencils, a digital transformation agency that excels in designing and building Salesforce solutions to improve businesses.

Introducing Level Capital

Level Capital is a private portfolio lender that provides loans to builders and investors for construction on new homes.

Their loan programs are designed to address the specific needs, challenges and business objectives of small to medium sized builders and real estate investors.

Why Level Capital Turned to Robots & Pencils

Innovation in the financial sector can be complex so it’s crucial to pick a digital partner who understands the strict guidelines and security requirements that financial institutions have to embrace.

To process, manage and report on an increasing number of loan applications, Level Capital needed a more streamlined and reliable approach. Level Capital decided to rebuild the entire platform they used for running their business and Robots & Pencils knew that Salesforce was the perfect solution.

The Digital Solution

Robots & Pencils designed and configured a solution to improve how Level Capital processes and monitors loan applications via a customized and robust system that relies on Salesforce. By integrating third-party tools and custom code, the new system and workflow allows Level Capital to better:

  • Manage loan applications
  • Access and analyze more loan data
  • Report on loan applications
  • Monitor credit approvals
  • Stay on top of budgets
  • Scale loan management
  • Provide stronger data security
  • And more!

Today Salesforce is a huge part of Level Capital’s business. From the second a builder submits an application and becomes a lead in the system, all the way to a loan being approved, funded, and eventually paid off, everything is done within the Salesforce ecosystem that Robots & Pencils helped to build.

“R&P’s team brought Level’s vision of modernizing our business via a platform built on top of Salesforce from vision to reality. They are partners in every sense of the word,” said Lyra Waggoner, EVP, Software Strategy at Level Capital.

The Finished Product

Now that Level Capital has digitally transformed their way of doing things, they are able to stay efficient, communicate effectively with customers and employees, manage and monitor financial processes, and scale loan management. Their new platform is also much more flexible and easy to build on for future improvements, so that Level Capital can quickly get new products out to market.

Clients and employees are delighted with Level Capital’s innovation and their new way of doing things.

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