Robots and Pencils + KINETiQ DIGITAL: Becoming the innovator of choice

We launched Robots and Pencils in 2009 with the then-contrarian view that mobile would be more transformative than the Internet. For many, the iPhone was hype, few saw how it would be used for real work, and, to some, it was simply “not a very good email machine.”

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Turns out we were right — since our inception, we’ve grown from a Calgary start-up to a trusted strategic partner to some of the world’s largest brands, working with 150+ clients to create over 250 mobile solutions used by 77 million people worldwide. We’ve created chart-topping consumer apps. We’ve reimagined the delivery of education. We’ve leveraged technology for deep business transformation.

From the start, Robots and Pencils has been at the forefront of innovation, helping to establish and reinforce our clients as technology leaders. Consistently among the first to apply, commercialize and operationalize frontier technology, we support our clients in creating early and competitive advantages to future proof their organizations.

And that remains true today.

We’re not only riding the bot wave, but we’ve also been part of the force that’s creating it. We’ve helped Fortune 100 companies leverage conversational user interfaces to increase productivity, and created a platform to support developers as they create bots of their own.

As AI and machine learning have been garnering headlines, our robots have been in the thick of it, working with clients to create products that will undoubtedly rock industries, if not completely disrupt them.

The Talent

The biggest key to our success has been and continues to be our talent; the team behind the technology. The people not only developing solutions that have helped transform industries, but also creating products that have never been conceived. True innovators and believers of the possible. Our strategic advantage and unique offering is rooted in the ability to have this unfair share of hyper-talented people calling Robots and Pencils home.

As we’ve looked to grow R&P, it’s clear that to do so, we need to build on our talent and expand our knowledge-base — finding a new set of unicorns who complement and broaden our current skillset.

This is why I’m thrilled that we’ve merged with the KINETiQ DIGITAL team — a world-class company created by Len Pagon and Nathan Carmon, the same principals who also founded and helped build Brulant/Rosetta into one of the top 10 privately held digital agencies in North America before selling to Publicis in 2011 for nearly $600 million.

The KINETiQ DIGITAL team has tons of experience managing large-scale projects and solving difficult business challenges as well as the same desire to create amazing results for our clients. They also have extensive expertise investing in sustainable growth, allowing us to continue to create unique, results-driven solutions for our clients while expanding our footprint.


Together, we’re a better, stronger version of Robots and Pencils.

Together, we’re not only expanding the capabilities that we can provide our clients, but also making more strategic investments to better support them.

Together, we’re positioning Robots and Pencils to be the innovator of choice when it comes to leveraging frontier technology.

As our new chairman Len once said,

“A great company is one that is doing something different, that has built a different brand, that has deep technology expertise and has a core of talented employees.”

– Michael Sikorsky, CEO of Robots and Pencils