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At Robots and Pencils we make apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Everything we do starts by blending the sciences with the humanities - the robots with the pencils - the programmers with the designers.

Our name implies our founding vision - compelling products are made by makers, not managers, working across disciplines.

We think of ourselves as a 'goldilocks' company - Just The Right Size. We're big enough to handle multimillion dollar projects and small enough to maintain a commitment to being positively good at everything we do.

Our Goals

We strive to create quality products that both our clients and we can be proud of. Our apps need to wow the eye and our tech needs to be solid. Our distinguishable combination of business, ideas, art and technology is noticed by our clients. We like to say our apps have that special sauce.

We have a 100 year business plan. Really! We do! Why, you ask? Cause – we plan on being around for a really long time.

Our People

The team at Robots and Pencils are motivated through a kindred devotion to excellent code and art that stands apart. Our developers are encouraged to think of novel and unconventional approaches to programming challenges. Our artists take the same approach in design.

Customer Experience

Our customer and client base reaches across a vast array of industries including oil and gas, health care, F500 and FTSE100, tv and film and the airline industry and many others.

Our clients are some of the most well-known and innovative companies in North America and United Kingdom.

from past to present

robots and pencils timeline
  • Michael and Camille Sikorsky started up Robots and Pencils Inc.
  • First iPhone comes to Canada
  • Release our first app: "Crushfactor"
  • Robots and Pencils won the Innovation / Leadership Award from Digital Alberta
  • Rightmove hits #2 in the UK App Store
  • Hired first Robot, Paul, and first Pencil, Monica
  • World Explorer ranks #1 in Games/RPG in 13 countries
  • Partners with History Channel to create hidden object game
  • Spy vs. Spy is at #1 in 11 countries
  • Team grows to 70+ strong, including Paul and Monica
  • Downtown Calgary Office opens! 1507 14th Avenue SW
  • MJ receives EY Entrepreneur of the Year – Tech and Comm.
  • Robots and Pencils’ awards 20+
  • Phil Komarny becomes CEO, Robots and Pencils USA
  • Apps to date: 245+

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