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Don’t reinvent the wheel

Building apps across multiple platforms can be expensive. Cross-platform solutions can lower costs but native apps provide a better user experience (UX) that drives adoption, engagement, and business value. So how do you balance UX and budget? Drawing on 12+ years of developing hundreds of apps, Robots & Pencils has created WheelUI for delivering native app and web frontend projects at a fraction of typical costs. Our pre-built WheelUI components are highly reusable, easily configurable to your brand, and optimized for user experience. Using these components moves us quickly past common screens to focus on an app’s unique features, all with an estimated 40% cost savings.

WheelUI: Don't reinvent the wheel

WheelUI components and templates are plug and play, awaiting your branding and data.

High quality UX with native development

Every WheelUI component is built with native app development, following UX standards specific to each platform and offering full access to all the latest features.

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Expertly designed, thoroughly tested

Get attractive, versatile interfaces that have been built to delight and engage users and thoroughly tested to ensure quality and reliability.

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No vendor lock-in issues

WheelUI apps are written with iOS Swift, Android Kotlin, or web frontend React.js, with the final code delivered to our clients, setting you up for ongoing maintenance and success.

40% time and cost savings

A WheelUI app can be delivered faster than a custom or cross-platform app. Our pre-built components cut project management, design, development, and QA time and expense. You get all the benefits of a native app, for up to 40% less time and money when compared to custom native development, depending on the amount of custom code in your app.

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    Who is Robots & Pencils?

    Robots & Pencils is a team of experienced strategists, designers, technologists, and UX professionals. We help clients in education, financial services, and more to develop products and experiences that are technically sound and beautifully designed while delivering unbeatable business value.

    77 Million

    Created more than 300 apps used by 77 million people worldwide, with five #1’s in the App store.


    Over 200 talented robots, pencils and ampersands with an average of 15+ years of experience.

    1 Billion

    Nearly one BILLION minutes played monthly through our video & game platforms.

    Founded in 2009

    Robots & Pencils has grown to 6 offices across North America.

    We are a trusted strategic partner to some of the world’s best brands.