This intensive two day course is designed for those needing to get up to speed on iOS - fast.

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iOS Bootcamp

This intensive fun two day course is designed for those needing to get up to speed on iOS fast.

Chalked full of real life examples, students will learn core iOS fundamentals , as well as how to combine them to build a fully functioning, working application worthy of deployment to the App Store.

Become an iOS developer

By learning how to build iPhone applications you will be gaining skills in the largest, fastest growing tech sector to hit since the internet - mobile.

Build your very own app

We are big believers in learning through doing. That's why during the course you are going to learn step-by-step how to build this emailing, tweeting, alarm clock complete with custom graphics and art.

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Turn your idea into reality

In this course we give you everything you need to build, test, and deploy your very own iPhone/iPad application.

If you are new to iOS or you've got an idea for an app this course is for you.

Upcoming Dates

iOS Dev School

Date: March 8th and 9th, 2014
Cost: $940/seat + GST
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The Instructor

Paul Thorsteinson

PaulPaul Thorsteinson likes making great things as CTO at Robots and Pencils. He was the lead on Spy vs Spy which sat at #1 in the App Store for over a week. He loves iOS development, cuddles Ruby on Rails, and once had a relationship with .NET but they split up. You can see his work in Spy vs Spy, Catch the Princess, World Explorer made for Minecraft, Deco Windshield Repair (yes they run their entire business on an iPad), Anthm, Own This World and too many other apps to mention. If you ask nicely maybe you can test out his Arduino breath-a-lyzer or his compressed air rocket launcher...


Q: I don't know Objective-C. Can I still take the course?

A: Absolutely. We start from scratch assuming you haven't written a line of Objective-C.

Q: I don't have a Mac.

A: No problem. You can rent a top of the line Mac Book Pro from us for $250. Just send us an email at so we can reserve one for you the day of the training.

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