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About Robots and Pencils

North America's 34th fastest growing technology company in 2014.

Founded in 2009 by one robot and one pencil with a vision that mobile would be more revolutionary than the Internet, Robots and Pencils is now home to a team of hugely talented people across North America and the UK. Along the way, we’ve built award-winning consumer apps, transformative enterprise solutions and world-first learning platforms.

Robots and Pencils, out of all of the partners we work with, is the one that we’re the most satisfied with. They have tremendous expertise in mobile.

Jouari Santiago, Former Head of Entertainment Products, Shaw Media

Our secret sauce

Our secret to making great software is an internal “one culture” partnership between our award-winning artists and world-class developers. Everything we do starts by blending the sciences with the humanities—the robots with the pencils.

By ensuring that every project always has at least one robot and one pencil, we have solved a major hindrance to producing great software. With this as our foundation, the solutions we develop will always be not only artistically designed, but also technically sound.

Robots and Pencils team at work

From the start, Robots and Pencils understood what we wanted to achieve and the challenges that we faced. True to form, they delivered a product that was beautifully designed, engaging and innovative.

Jason Dewling, Vice President, Academic and Research, Olds College

Our philosophy: None of the world’s greatest restaurants are buffets

Mastery comes only with extreme focus. Try to do too much and you won’t do anything well.

At Robots and Pencils, we are mobile strategy experts, and our craft is mobile apps. This intense focus has helped us attract and create a team of unicorns — a team intrinsically motivated to create beautiful software and delightful experiences. When you work with Robots and Pencils, our team is your team. You have access to an unfair share of hyper-talented people from across the globe to bring your ideas to life.

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