User Experience Research and Design

Great designs are better than beautiful.


Create the experience your users deserve

The process of creating a delightful user experience begins long before you start creating art for your app or writing a single line of code.

At Robots and Pencils, we get that your users demand a quality experience—whether they’re your employees or your customers. That’s why we treat creating an incredible user experience as one of the most important things we do.

Need help getting your users to stick around?

Putting the user first

When you put your user first, you’re sure to see benefits to your reputation and your ROI, including greater engagement, brand loyalty and positive word of mouth.

Our UX team will work closely with you to ensure that your app delights your users at every turn. Our evidence-based design and review process includes:

  • Feature prioritization.
  • Frontend research.
  • Ethnographic research.
  • Information and experience architecture.
  • Personas / User journey maps.
  • Usability testing of low and high fidelity prototypes.
  • Heuristic evaluations.

Data-driven designs, every time

Instead of dictating the user experience, we structure apps based on facts about your users’ wants and needs, all gathered through extensive user research. Listening to your users will be key, but more importantly, we’ll observe how they actually interact with low and high fidelity prototypes to ensure your users receive a superior mobile experience.

UX research and planning docs

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