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Unlock the benefits of conversational user interfaces with a custom Slack bot or integration from our world-class UX researchers and software engineers (also the talented minds behind Beep Boop, the developer platform for Slack integrations). We’ll help you integrate your existing systems into Slack, opening up collaboration around key data and tasks and saving you time by automating your routine processes and workflows.

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See the innovative ways clients are using our Slack integration services

  • Query, create and update opportunities in Salesforce from Slack to keep systems of record up to date
  • Address new business opportunities quickly by notifying sales and marketing teams in Slack when Salesforce contacts are added or changed
  • Access and control their Nest Thermostat from Slack to keep cozy while reducing energy costs
  • Get team members up to speed fast with automated on-boarding
  • Monitor customer service social media and email accounts, notifying Slack channels and users of new messages to ensure a timely response
  • Track and compile information and ideas shared during specific date ranges across Slack channels
  • Control office TVs and digital signage all from Slack, including launching virtual meetings and publishing internal communications
  • Submit tickets to GitHub from Slack on any repositories, reducing switching between tools
  • Generate release notes from pull requests, using natural language to let users ask for a repo and time range, saving time on administrative tasks
  • Deploy 15+ services with a custom Github and Amazon Elastic Container Service deployment bot

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