Increase ROI with a delightful UX

Is your mobile app leaving users frustrated, when it should be driving brand loyalty and boosting revenue?

Time after time, user experience (UX for short) and usability testing has shown demonstrable ROI across companies. With the UX Sticky Test, you’ll learn how your app compares with mobile and industry best practices, and—most importantly—with your users’ unique needs and expectations. The results will reveal exactly what’s needed to make your app more engaging and successful.

How many users have you lost already?

Stop losing users and start delighting them instead.

Drawing on over 3 decades of combined experience, our UX researchers will assess your entire mobile experience and provide a comprehensive report with detailed analysis and recommendations on how to better retain and engage users. This rigorous set of quantitative and qualitative assessments includes

  • Heuristic evaluations
  • User interviews and testing
  • Kano surveys
  • Usability scorecards

Your UX report can be ready in under 30 days.

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