Custom App Development

We’re a company of creators.


Delivering on your biggest and boldest ideas

At Robots and Pencils, every custom mobile experience starts with big picture thinking. That’s followed by building a detailed mobile strategy, establishing an amazing user experience and, finally, making your vision a reality.

Working side-by-side, our top-notch designers and developers follow an agile development process so that they can more quickly produce and share work with each other and with you—keeping you involved from start to finish. With every mobile solution, we continually design, test, iterate and validate based on real user data, ensuring that no first draft is ever the final product and that you always see fast returns.

Having trouble with your current app? Let us take a look.

Expertise with all major platforms

Clients in industries from energy to education to entertainment have relied on our robots for in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge mobile trends and technology. Our development expertise includes:

  • iOS apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch
  • Android apps
  • Windows phone apps
  • Backend apps using Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend apps using HTML5

At the individual level, however, each of our robots is a specialist. You probably agree that none of the world’s greatest restaurants are buffets. Similarly, none of the world’s best developers are experts on all platforms. So regardless of what platform you need an app for or what systems your app should integrate with, you’ll have an expert working with you.

Introducing your app to the world

Whether you’re planning to launch your iOS app on the App Store or your Android app on the Play Store, or to securely introduce and scale your app across your organization, Robots and Pencils can guide you every step of the way.

Get inspired

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