Mobile Solutions

Innovation that will transform and grow your organization.

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing mobile app or design a custom mobile experience from scratch, Robots and Pencils can provide the structure, guidance and talent to drive your project from vision through to execution—and help you grow your business along the way.

Mobile strategy

Is your organization ready for mobile? Learn how our expert strategists can help you lay out a clear, detailed plan that increases ROI and addresses short-term pain points with long-term vision.

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User experience research and design

Your users deserve an incredible experience. See how our UX researchers and designers make sure that’s exactly what they get.

Custom app development

Our robots and pencils design and develop best-in-class mobile applications for iOS, Android and more. Plus they’re always on top of emerging technology and standards, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Service kits

From code reviews to UX evaluations, optimization testing, strategic roadmaps for mobile innovation, Slack integrations and even a fully designed 5-screen mobile app in 3 days—we’ve got just what you need to jump to the front of the class in mobile!

PencilCase suite

Use PencilCase: Studio to transform your static designs into native iOS apps (no coding required!) and then publish your app with PencilCase: Player.

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