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We’ve made everything from best selling games, to enterprise apps for Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 Companies

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We can plan, design, develop, test and launch an iPhone/ iPad app for you. Our robots and pencils are hard at work in the factory!

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Do you have an idea for your business that will launch it into the mobile revolution? Give us a shout! We’ll help you build an app with your end user as the core focus.

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Come and learn how to build an app yourself. The course has been lovingly crafted by hardcore devs who have a passion for teaching and iOS.

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What is on our minds? We like to blog about new tech and anything mobile.

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Why hire us?

We've Made #1 Apps!

We’ve made apps that have hit the coveted #1 spot in countries around the world

Award Winning Team

Robots & Pencils has won
several awards.

Grants and Funding

We know how to maximize
your capital!

Enterprise Apps

In-house Apps for your corporation. Most apps have complete ROI in < 12 months.

Rogers, F500, FTSE 100

We work & partner with some of the largest corporations
in the world.

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Inspired by the Toyota production system
(lean + agile).

Doing good

We love learning. That’s why we want to help out a future robot or pencil with their education with a scholarship awarded every year on December 1st.


This is what we need to know from you:

  • Proof of enrollment in a computer programming or graphic design program in the final year (2 years or more).
  • Tell us why you’re passionate about your program and what you have done to express this passion.
  • We need some confirmation of your passion for education – a copy of your transcript tells us how hardcore you are.

Email the info to

Deadline for application: December 1st

CONGRATULATIONS to the 2013 Recipient,

Mary is an amazing artist and designer who recently started at the Alberta College of Art and Design, coming from Queen Elizabeth Senior High. We had the pleasure of teaching her app design at R&P over the past summer. We wish you the best of luck!

mary sanche wins scholarship



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