We can plan, design, develop, test, and launch an iPhone/iPad app for you. Our robots and pencils are hard at work in the factory!

We’ve made #1 games in 11 countries around the world Hire Us - Games
We’ve built complex apps used by millions Hire Us - Networks
We’ve made apps for checking on wait times at health centers, managing diseases, obesity and medication Hire Us - Healthcare
Companies run their entire businesses on our iPad software Hire Us - Enterprise
We’ve made apps and games to supplement TV show launches Hire Us - Entertainment
We’ve saved 1000s of man hours and trees by getting those pesky paper forms moved to a digital format Hire Us - Industrial

We work with fortune 500 companies

We consistently increase our clients ROI

Learn about our process (hint: it’s a lean process!)

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We've Made #1 Apps!

We’ve made apps that have hit the coveted #1 spot in countries around the world

Award Winning Team

Robots & Pencils has won several awards.

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We know how to maximize
your capital!

Enterprise Apps

In-house Apps for your corporation. Most apps have complete ROI in < 12 months.

Rogers, F500, FTSE 100

We work & partner with some of the largest corporations
in the world.



Inspired by the Toyota production system
(lean + agile).

Robots and Pencils is fantastic. They've been both a supporter of our vision, and a catalyst for innovation.

Our use of iPads has gone from being a toy to a tool to manage our processes.

Jayman Homes
Calgary, Alberta


The process of building an app is a big job.


RESEARCH. Is your app for public or business use? If it’s for public, do some research: browse the app store, do a Google™ search – is there something similar out there for reference?

DESIGN. What does your app look like, what features does it have?

TIME. Apps take time, love, and lots of decisions to make them beautiful and functional.

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Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

We started out as a 2-person husband-and-wife team, inspired by 37signals philosophy. Today we have offices through out the world, including Hong Kong & San Francisco – with a team of more than 70 makers, building apps for the consumer and enterprise markets.

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What are people saying

Two outstanding aspects of this project will live in my memory for some time to come; the first is the depth of ability in your development team. In my 20 odd years in the software development industry, I have only rarely experienced a dev team that develops this fast and this well.

The second is the amount of reciprocal trust that was required to deliver this project on time.

In this day and age of corporate cynicism, it was utterly refreshing (and rather scary) to commit and start an exceptionally demanding project on a promise and a verbal agreement, between parties who have never before worked together. That you and your team put in so much effort under these conditions was invigorating, humbling and an affirmation that decent, simple human values are alive and well!


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