Many electrical engineers, meter inspectors and other field workers face hazardous work sites daily. To ensure their safety at every job, field workers at ENMAX Corporation review risks and safety procedures on-site in meetings known as tailboard meetings.

Before ENMAX turned to Robots and Pencils for a mobile solution, these meetings required workers to carry and review cumbersome binders full of complex safety documentation and long, overwhelming paper forms.


Robots and Pencils created an iPad app with easy-to- use digital documents that workers can complete and review during their safety meetings. By entirely eliminating paper at tailboard meetings, ENMAX increased employee safety and efficiency by reducing manual errors and oversights, while also lowering the organization’s carbon footprint.

Since the app’s launch, workers have mitigated over 847,000 hazards in the tailboards app, and ENMAX cut all time and money previously spent managing related paper documentation. One of the first North American companies to use digital tailboards, ENMAX was also featured in the Canadian Electricity Association’s 2014 report on Achieving Excellence in Health and Safety.

Transforming crew member and manager workflows

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  • Streamlines 20+ paper-based Tailboard forms as well as 70+ technical and operational work documents into one mobile application, replacing heavy paper-filled binders.
  • Serves as on-hand safety reference, ensuring workers understand hazards and procedures specific to each work site.
  • Eliminates risk of outdated forms as documents can be updated anytime.
  • Immediately notifies necessary contacts in the case of an emergency.
  • Creates comprehensive audit trails for issues and incidents, with all entries stamped GPS location, date and time.
  • Gives office managers access to completed tailboards and ongoing jobs.

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