It's like... if your annoying roommate was a fitness tracking app

  • Receive messages every morning based on how many steps you took the day before. The lazier you are, the more shame you get!
  • Start challenges to get your step count up. Can you take 1500 steps in 15 minutes?
  • Compete against your Twitter friends for the top spot on the leaderboard.
  • Track your daily steps on the stats page.
  • For an extra incentive to stay active, set up CAKEWALK to publicly shame you on Twitter when you are caught being extremely lazy!
  • Compatible with Apple’s Health app, so your step count is automatically logged each day.
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Made for iPhone 5S or later and Apple Watch.

CAKEWALK was envisioned and brought to life by our talented robots, pencils and ampersands!

Great combination of comedy and fitness.

Totally cute and a clever spin on motivational apps.

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